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SanRae Sims

I am currently moving SanRae Sims to another server and changing the site name from to This will be a loooong endeavor and I hope all of you will understand and bear with me.

To all of you who have left unanswered messages, I am truely sorry and apologise from the bottom of my heart.

  • The links aren't working here anymore because the server host doesn't like the adult content.
  • I will add links on the new site to the skinning tutorials I used to learn how to do it.
  • As a lot of you 'old timers' ;) know, my daughters no longer work with me on the site. Two are working and the youngest is now 17 and just doesn't have the time anymore, lol... so it's just me now. I keep my grandkids while their moms are at work so I only have time to work online evenings and weekends.

    I'll get things up and running on the new site as quickly as I can, so please be nice :).

    This is the link to the new site, I only have the main page running right now, but you can still bookmark, -add to your favorites- the site. It will 'eventually' have everything this site has, and more. There will be new, off topic areas for friends to play and have fun.

    Check the new site for updates.